Free fitness videos to help locals get in top shape for summer

Want to get beach body ready but can’t afford a gym membership?

Queensland Health have released a series of free online workout videos that Gold Coasters can use to get fit in time for summer.

The videos were created by accredited exercise physiologist and health guru Katie Williams and were launched this month on


“The workouts have been designed so everyday Queenslanders can complete them anywhere,” Ms Williams said.

‘‘They vary in length with the shortest workout just five minutes long, so you can even complete a mini workout during an ad break while watching TV.”

Ms Williams said the program was designed to be completed on alternate days, two to three times per week.

“I’d recommend people go walking, swimming, cycling or dancing on other days. It’s a good idea to mix up your routine.

“Most importantly, just try to incorporate physical activity somehow into your life every day of the week. This will help to improve your energy levels – helping you to enjoy life more.”

Spokesperson for Cancer Council Queensland, Katie Clift, said fitness also improves a person’s chances of enjoying a cancer-free future.

“These videos will help turn couch potatoes into spring beans, providing practical, simple strategies for shaping up,” she said.

“Anyone who has been looking for motivation to shape up for summer can start right now.”

Currently, around 65 per cent of Queensland adults and 27 per cent of Queensland children are overweight or obese. Queensland’s rate of obesity is significantly higher than the national rate.

To check out the new video series, click here.