Free legal advice for Gold Coasters

A chance for Gold Coasters to secure free family law legal advice.

The service will be made available to those scheduled to appear at the visiting Federal Circuit Court in Southport on Monday October 20.

Run by Legal Aid Queensland, the Family Law Duty Lawyer Service will be available from 9.00am at the Southport Courthouse on the corner of Davenport and Hinze Streets, Southport.


Legal Aid Queensland family law principal lawyer Suellan Walker-Munro said the duty lawyer service provided a legal lifeline to people representing themselves in family law matters.

“Our duty lawyers provide free legal information and advice, help fill out some forms and documents needed for that day in court and will also talk about eligibility for ongoing support from Legal Aid,” Ms Walker-Munro said.

“The service is aimed at people who turn up for court for a session that day without having received any information or advice from a lawyer.

“Our duty lawyers will try to help these people get through their day in court and give them the information they need to better prepare for later court dates.

“Duty lawyers can only provide a basic service to help people through that day in court.

“The duty lawyers are not going to be able take on case work or represent people in family law trials.

“Our duty lawyer service will go some of the way to helping people get through that first day before the court, but cannot replace the very important assistance a lawyer can provide in the days and weeks leading up to a court date.”

All Queenslanders can get free legal information and advice from Legal Aid Queensland by calling 1300 65 11 88 from anywhere in the state.