Free legal help for Queenslanders affected by domestic and family violence

QUEENSLANDERS who are experiencing domestic or family violence are being reminded that they can get free legal help from Legal Aid Queensland

“Each year Legal Aid Queensland helps thousands of people who are experiencing domestic or family violence, helping people understand their legal options and access protection under the law,” chief executive officer Anthony Reilly said.

“People can call us on 1300 65 11 88 to talk to our staff about their situation, access legal advice from a lawyer and get referrals to other community services, like women’s shelters and counselling.


“Our lawyers can help people apply for a domestic violence protection order and, if people are eligible for a grant of legal aid, we can represent them in court for domestic violence matters.

“We can also give people free legal help for any associated family law issues such as separating from your spouse or partner, or making parenting arrangements for your children.”

Mr Reilly said Legal Aid Queensland provided free legal help to people escaping violence and to respondents in domestic violence proceedings.

People can contact Legal Aid Queensland’s call centre on 1300 65 11 88 for the cost of a local call (from land-lines) between Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm EST.

Free legal help is also available at Legal Aid Queensland’s 14 offices around the state, or by visiting the website, which includes useful information about domestic and family violence.

“We want people who are experiencing domestic and family violence to know that if they need legal advice and help getting a domestic violence order, we’re just a phone call away,” Mr Reilly said.