French policeman stabbed to death, his family taken hostage in horrifying attack

UPDATE: A policeman and his wife have reportedly been killed in a horrifying stabbing attack at their home in France.

Local media are reporting that the officer was stabbed to death outside his Magnanville home, northwest of Paris after returning home from work around 9.00pm Monday.

The attacker then forced his way into the officers home taking his wife and young son hostage.


The couples 3-year-old son was rescued when Elite RAID police stormed the home and shot the attacker.

It is unknown what motivated the attack.

EARLIER: A policeman has been stabbed to death and his family taken hostage by a man in France.

The horrifying attack occurred in Magnanville, northwest of Paris as the officer was reportedly returning home from work around 9.00pm.

The officers wife and young son are believed to be held hostage inside their home, however this has not yet been confirmed.

Elite RAID police are at the scene with negotiations currently underway.

Local media are reporting the attacker may be a neighbour.