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HERE is how the highly expensive politicians you pay for represented the Gold Coast in the Queensland Parliament yesterday (TUESDAY 18th March).

While Labor’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were fixated on the Health Minister’s handling of the doctors’ dispute, the government MPs directed cosy ‘Dorothy Dixers’ to their frontbench.

But the Gold Coast didn’t get a look in.


Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates and Broadwater MP Verity Barton both had an opportunity to ask questions.

But neither mentioned the Gold Coast.

Tourism Minister and Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey answered a question about the tourism industry but also did not mention the Gold Coast once.

Ministers answered these soft questions by abusing the Labor Eight and/or whinging about the previous Labor government.

After Question Time they moved on to Matters of Public Interest where MPs from both sides get a chance to air important issues relating to their electorates.


Gaven PUP MP Alex Douglas made a statement about the doctors’ employment contract problems at the Gold Coast University Hospital and had a go at abusing Health Minister Lawrence Springborg but wasn’t very good at it.

His best insult was calling the Health Minister a ‘steroid loaded gunslinger’.

Coomera LNP MP Michael Crandon talked about every theme park amusement ride in his electorate.

Seriously. He even described them.

“The Buzzsaw is terrifying. It makes you squeal like a girl! ,” he squealed inappropriately.

“I am sure those young people in the balcony would appreciate what a wedgie is.

“They can be wedgied by Whitewater World with Pipeline Plunge just to finish things off. “

The young people in the gallery he was referring to where school kids.

The only MP who made a case for the Gold Coast was Mackay Labor MP Tim Mulherin who gave notice he would move a motion to note the Newman Government had broken election promises he made to the Gold Coast by reneging on a commitment to cut electricity prices, approving the Boral quarry, freezing capital works and forcing council to pay for beach restoration.

Mr Mulherin then called on the Coast’s nine LNP MPs to ‘stand up for their local communities instead of kowtowing to the Premier’.

No one answered.


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