Fresh families package before parliament

FAMILIES on certain welfare payments will see a slight boost in fortnightly payments, while others will get support until their youngest child is a teenager under new government legislation.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter this morning revealed the government’s revamped families package that supersedes 2014 budget measures stalled in the Senate.

Mr Porter said the package enhanced day-to-day support for families in a fiscally-responsible manner, and savings from the measure would fund a new childcare package.


In handing down the new packacge, Mr Porter cheekily singer-songwriter Shannon Noll’s first big hit to illustrate the need to overhaul family tax benefits.

He pointed out it was a “very different world” when the Howard government introduced supplementary payments in 2004.

“Shannon Noll was number one on the hits,” Mr Porter told reporters in Canberra.

That prompted Treasurer Scott Morrison to say: “Still a fan. He is from the (Sutherland) Shire.

To which Mr Porter suggested: “You need to get out more”.

Noll’s debut single What About Me was the highest selling single of 2004.

In the new package, those receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A will see increases of  $1.08 a fortnight for each child from July 2018.

Those on Part B with a child under the age of one will isee a $1000.10 annual increase for each child and the cut off age is now 13 down from 16-year-olds.

Payments for under-18s living at home on Youth Allowance will also be boosted by $10.44 a fortnight.

Another important addition was that single parents and grandparents with a child between 13 and 16 will get a mitigating payment of $1000.10.

$4.8 billion savings will fund the government’s new childcare package.