Fresh search underway to try identify girl’s bones found in suitcase

The search for clues has resumed near a South Australian highway where a girl’s remains were found stuffed in a suitcase.

Detectives and mounted police returned early on Monday to check bush tracks and scrub near the Karoonda Highway, west of Wynarka.

A passing motorist discovered the faded case back in July.


It contained ragged clothing and the bones of an unidentified girl aged between two and half to four years old.

On Sunday it emerged a shopper had spotted on eBay a jacket identical to a badly degraded garment found with the girl’s remains.

The jacket, which has been handed to investigators, is being examined to determine its maker, and where and when the clothing item might have been sold.

What we know about the girl:

* Likely born 2005 – 06

* Caucasian with fair hair

* Killed at another location after 2007

* Remains found dumped about 2km from Wynarka on July 14