Friday the 13th brings increased crash risk

THE RACQ has urged Queensland motorists to take particular care on the roads tomorrow, Friday the 13th, as insurance data showed the last day of the working week was the most common for car crashes.

Executive Manager of RACQ Insurance Communications, Mike Sopinski, said an analysis of the company’s 2013 insurance claims data identified Friday as the most likely day of the week for motorists to experience a crash.

The data showed it was 25 per cent more likely for a motorist to experience a multi vehicle crash on a Friday than any other day of the week.


The insights also revealed single vehicle crashes were ten per cent more likely to happen on a Friday.

“The RACQ Insurance claims research also identified car crashes occurring on actual ‘black’ Fridays, and the findings were surprising,” Mr Sopinski said.

“Our claims data over the past couple of years showed that on average ‘at-fault’ car crashes are three per cent more likely to happen on ‘black’ Fridays than on a regular Friday.

“With rainy weather forecast for parts of Queensland tomorrow, ‘black’ Friday the 13th may prove a challenging day for motorists and we urge all drivers to take particular care.”