Fried chicken, glazed donut burger-behemoth is coming to Surfers Paradise tomorrow

The drool-pool in our mouths has reached new depths with this news: a fried chicken and donut burger will be available for purchase on the Gold Coast tomorrow.

A fried chicken burger, with glazed donut buns is coming to Milky Lane, because honestly, why not? Oh yeah – heart attacks.

But my gosh, wait until you see it. It’s monstrous, it’s dripping in grease, and glaze and glitter (or maybe I’m starting to pass out).


‘Maple smoked bacon’ would feature in most burgers’ ingredients list, but in this case, it’s taken a back seat to the feature: fried chicken, and hero: glazed donut buns. Chuck in some Sriracha for a good time and you’ve got yourself an ‘I don’t even know what’ (that’s not it’s official name, Milky Lane is far more creative than I).

According to their Facebook post announcing the new menu item, they’ve kind of completely ripped off KFC in America, who’ve announced a similar item but EXCLUSIVE to the US.

Not to be outdone by the fat-food geniuses, Milky Lane’s cool response of “Hold my VB” suggests they’re fully prepared to take on the fried chicken giant.

But you know what, Milky Lane? I will hold your VB, I will come and eat that mountain of absolute, artery-clogging glory… I’ll do whatever you tell me,  you insane geniuses.

This behemoth (pictured below) will be available in all stores from tomorrow, and my-my, the Surfers restaurant is 10 minutes from me.

Bring it on.