Friends of Qld Instagram model who ‘quit’ social media says it’s a hoax

TWO former friends of Essena O’Neill, the Instagram star who announced she was quitting social media because it’s ‘not real life’ have revealed that the whole thing is a hoax.

YouTubers and twin sisters Nina and Randa, who Essena stayed with in LA, have released their own video revealing what they believe is the truth behind the 19-year-old’s change of attitude, and that is a broken heart…

“When things ended with Essena and her boyfriend she hated LA and I guess everyone along with it, the bloggers said.


“It was literally a complete 360 when he broke up with her… I mean 180.

“The reason she is so upset and so down is because of the break up with this guy… everything she is saying is fake.”

O’Neill, who boasts a following of half a million on Instagram, made headlines when she uploaded a video to YouTube revealing her decision to quit social media because it was ‘fake’ and made her ‘miserable’.

But the twin sisters say it’s all for attention and part of her continued ‘self-promotion,’ pointing out that she hasn’t deleted her Instagram or YouTube account yet.

In a second video uploaded yesterday, O’Neill told her followers that she can no longer pay her rent and asked for support.

“I can’t afford rent right now,’ she said. “It’s like I am embarrassed to admit that I need help… if this website is of value to you then please support me because I can’t afford my own real life.”

Essena is now running a website called Let’s Be Game Changers.