“Frustrated resident” paints fake zebra crossing on road

Mystery surrounds a fake zebra crossing that popped up on a busy street in Western Australia this weekend – with reports it may have been a frustrated resident taking matters into their owns hands.

City of Rockingham Councillor Matt Whitfield posted a photo of the crossing to his Facebook page on Monday, appealing for help to try and find the person responsible.

“You will perhaps have noticed that there is a new ‘pedestrian crossing’ on Makybe Drive between Delta road and Phar Lap Parade,” Mr Whitfield wrote.


“This ‘appeared’ over the weekend. This is not approved by the City or Main Roads, and it is not a legal crossing. This is not a supervised crossing and it does not comply with any safety standards.”

Mr Whitfield continued by saying that he’s not sure who painted the crossing, but praised their impressive painting efforts.

“Not sure who painted this (in fairness they have done a great job of it!) and would be keen to hear from anyone about this – surely someone noticed someone painting a zebra crossing on a decently busy road!” he wrote.

Whitfield confirmed the City of Rockingham would be removing the crosswalk as soon as possible.