Fuel price reporting saves Gold Coasters millions at bowser

It might not feel like it with sky-rocketing fuel prices every other month, but Gold Coasters have saved millions at the bowser over the last year.

Since the introduction of the Fuel Price Reporting scheme in December last year, RACQ research shows Queensland has collectively saved $122.8 million.

After successfully lobbying the government to install the scheme in Queensland, all service stations now have to publicly release prices to create greater transparency for drivers.


RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith says the benefits have been felt state-wide.

“We fought hard for drivers to have free accessible information to make more informed decisions about where they wanted to fill up, ultimately creating greater competition within
the fuel market.

“It’s fantastic to see the price of ULP has fallen and real savings are being delivered to Queensland drivers.

“Gold Coast motorists recorded a huge saving of $13.9 million dollars, which is one of the biggest savings in the state,” Ms Smith said.

The RACQ’s research also revealed that the average monthly price of ULP was 2.6 cents per litre cheaper on the Gold Coast, since the introduction of the trial.

“It’s clear fuel is cheaper now than what it would’ve been without the scheme,” Ms Smith said.

“Prices will always fluctuate depending on the oil prices and Singapore prices, but this is a simple way drivers can make informed decisions and reward the service stations doing the
right thing and charging fair fuel prices.”

It’s understood the RACQ is now calling for the trial to be permanently adopted in Queensland by the State Government.