Fuel up the DeLorean the Future is here!

WE MAY not be getting around in flying cars or on hoverboards, but the future is here.

Sci-fi nuts and movie buffs across the world are celebrating Back to the Future Day, with October 21 2015 the day used by teenager Marty McFly and his scientist mate Doc Brown in the second installment of the much-loved 80s film trilogy.

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter


NSW Premier Mike Baird has celebrated by arriving at work in a DeLorean – the vehicle used as a time machine in the films starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

He posted a video of his ride on Facebook, joking about improvements that still needed to be made.

“Great Scott!! Turns out we still need roads… Happy Back To The Future Day!” Mr Baird says.

In the US, fans of the film will meet at the first real-world location used in Back to the Future – The Burbank Burger King in California – dressed as Marty McFly (Fox).

They will raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s as they aim to amass the largest gathering of McFlys in history.