Fugitive father and son spotted in NSW

FUGITIVE father-and-son duo Gino and Mark Stocco might be on their way back to Victoria from NSW, after days of crossing back and forward over the border.

There has been another unconfirmed sighting of the pair heading south between Holbrook and Albury.

Police are hopeful they will catch the pair soon as they suspect they are running out of money.


It’s understood authorities want to charge the duo with attempted murder after they fired on two NSW police vehicles last week, as well as 13 other offences each.

The pair have allegedly been changing the appearance of the vehicle to deceive police and the public, including switching number plates and adding images to the windscreen.

In CCTV footage from the latest confirmed sighting, at a service station in South Gundagai on Saturday night, the vehicle had a light on the roof and a grey tarp over the back.

While the manhunt has been underway for the past 10 days, the duo have actually been on the run from police in NSW and Queensland for eight years.

Police have urged the public to continue reporting possible sightings but not to approach the men, who have a high-powered rifle and are considered dangerous.