Full Credit for Thaiday

The only people that have any reason (at all) to be (even remotely) offended by Thaiday’s awesome post-match one-liner last night are the seven or eight people out there who had amazing, exciting sex losing their virginity.

That’s it. No one else.

No one.


Not women, men, teenagers, mothers, aunties, grandfathers, truck drivers, people born on a Tuesday or domesticated possums named Munchy.

What Thaiday said was one of those moments where everyone hears it, laughs their asses off, then sees someone else watching them laugh and stops.

Now usually that’s because the initial comment is racist or sexist in nature or poking fun at a group of people who don’t deserve it like Mormons, the Irish or the Knights.

What was different about Thaiday’s comments was it didn’t upset anyone. Or at least it shouldn’t have.

But still the reaction was the same; ‘ooooh come on now I wouldn’t have said that, that’s taking it a bit far, you can’t say that, think of the children bla bla’

First off, it was 1030 at night so any kids still awake were probably busy watching an especially incestuous Game of Thrones re-run.

…or perhaps even losing their virginity in some disappointing fashion.

It’s bad enough that we have reduced our sporting heroes to a half dozen generic lines they use to reply to any number of comments with, but the over-reaction to this one just highlights how bad things have got.

For anyone who went to bed seconds after that fairly boring, virginity-losing game of Origin was over, Thaiday was interviewed in the post-match and to a question asked by Brad Fittler ‘what was that like out there Sam’ he replied;

“Well Freddy it was kind of like losing your virginity mate it wasn’t pretty but we got the job done’.

Call the police, call fair trading, the CSIRO, Batman – just call anyone who can help rid the world of this true-love hating chauvinist!

The vast majority of people who are whinging about it didn’t even see it happen live.

Let’s face it at 1030pm on a Wednesday after Origin the only people watching Channel 9 still are those who bet big on Boyd Cordner for Man of the Match and were waiting the confirmation they were robbed (I’m totally over it though!).

Presumably these people so offended by Thaiday’s comments were sitting at home watching gogglebox replays last night and heard about it the next day, by which time the actual sentence had done the Chinese whispers on twitter and facebook (not to mention Channel 7) and sounded more like;

“Well Freddy it was kind of like losing your virginity, chicks are stupid and I can’t wait to bang a really really dumb one later”

Seriously Thaiday must be just shaking his head right now.

The guy has delivered one of the most apt, most hilarious sporting metaphors in Australia’s rich sporting history and done so in such a way that not a single person could have been offended by it.

And STILL cops sh*t for it.

What the hell did we want him to say?

Just express ‘full credit’ to a person, persons or many groups of people until Freddy lost interest in the interview?

Join the chorus of players, coaches and analysists who were ‘proud of the boys today’?

Tell us the grass was green, it was abit wet and there were players out there in blue and maroon?

Seriously, I was disappointed Freddy didn’t alley-oop it right then and there saying ‘yeh I reckon, my first time was pretty lacklustre, Sharon and I both put in a fair bit of effort mind you but it wouldn’t have been too pretty to watch and that was really what we saw out there today, nice work Sammy good description’.

But he was scared. That Thaiday’s comments might have been bad.

I’ll admit so was I when I heard it. It took me a few minuets to realise what he said was just an amazingly funny and really apt description of the game.

But when I saw a Chanel 7 news member harassing Thaiday at the airport the next day, trying to make him apologies for his comments and show remorse and regret I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

What was he meant to say sorry for?

Sorry for being good at footy, for having a brain and for listening when my Year 9 English teacher was teaching metaphors at school!!

Wake up to yourself.

Love your work Sammy. Full credit mate.

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