Fundraiser for ‘hero’ Gold Coast man who rescued whale soars past $10K

A fundraiser for a Gold Coast man facing a possible hefty fine for jumping into the water to free a baby whale trapped in shark nets has already surpassed a staggering $10,000.

Couple Dale and Alison Harris started the “Tinny Man Saves Whale” gofundme page on Tuesday, in a bid to cover the costs of the potential fine local man Django may receive as a result of his actions, which are being declared as “heroic” by people across the country.

“Early this morning a local guy now a legend in the eyes of the local community rescued a baby whale stuck in shark nets off Burleigh Headland,” the fundraising page reads.


“The authorities have now fined this legend. This page is to cover the cost of his fine, as we are unsure yet what that amount will be ( $1300 – $55,000)  any money raised over and above his fine will go to a charity that specialises in research & education for these great mammals.”

While it’s understood no fine has been issued at this stage, Django appeared on the TODAY show this morning, where he told the hosts he was “100 per cent getting a fine.”

“I’m not stressed. As long as it doesn’t continue to grow,” he said.

However, it appears he won’t have to worry too much about paying the fine if he does receive one, with thousands of people already raising a total of $10,499 by 5.00pm Wednesday, with the fundraiser continuing to grow by the minute.

It all started around 8.00am on Tuesday morning, when Django spotted the distressed baby whale caught in nets off Burleigh Heads while he was free-diving.

He then leapt into action by jumping into the water and cutting the youngster free.

The local man told Nine that while he didn’t regret his actions, he wouldn’t do it again.

“Obviously it was dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend everyone go and do it…But it’s done,” he said.

An investigation by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is continuing.

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In an interview on the ABC radio this morning, he said he didn’t need to cut the net to free the calf. He was able to remove the net from around the whale.

Austrailian government assholes to fine somebody doing a good deed because of sea world & fisheries department lack of communication what a bunch of p****s