Fundraising legend Claude “The Mower Man” falls victim to cruel scam

He’s been a tireless fundraising champion for years, but now Gold Coast icon Claude “The Mower Man” Harvey has been the victim of a cruel scam.

Claude has been pushing his trusty lawnmower around the country for more than 12 years, raising more than $1 million for victims of child sexual assault.

He’s been trying to raise $32,000 to able to buy a campervan to make his treks that little bit easier.


The 73-year-old thought his dream was about to come true when he received a message via his Facebook page from a man claiming to be from the United Nations Democracy Fund.

The man, whose profile said was Alan Dean Martin, told Claude they could get the campervan he so desperately wanted, and gave him instructions on how to receive the money he needed for it.

But he was then told that to release the funds, he needed to pay ‘administration fees’ of $650.

Claude handed over the money but was later told they needed another $1500 to guarantee the transaction.

That’s when Claude came to the realisation he’d been scammed.

Claude says at the time he was so excited because he thought he was finally going to get his campervan after all these years.

But he says he now feels stupid and foolish.

“It’s been pretty hard. I’m devastated, I really didn’t want to talk to anyone yesterday,” Claude told myGC.

“It’s been hard trying to get this campervan and people have donated money and I thought this offer was real.”

Claude is urging others to think twice before falling for such scams.

“If it sounds too good to be real, forget it.”

Claude has a GoFundMe page to help reach his target for the campervan.

You can donate by clicking here