Funds needed to improve mental health outcomes for trauma patients

A Gold Coaster who survived a horrific motorbike accident in 2015 is urging locals to raise vital funds for mental health research.

Alex Lees, 22, is back in full-time work after overcoming life-threatening injuries and depression after nearly dying at the scene of the accident four years ago.

Mr Lees said his depression affected his whole life and his family for months after leaving hospital and into his recovery.


“I was depressed for a long time before getting help but my psychologist helped me deal with a lot of my emotions and feelings of insecurity about not being able to get a job last year once I was recovered enough from my injuries to return to work,” he said.

Alex Lees

Alex Lees sustained 18 injuries and was put in a coma following the accident in 2015. PHOTO: Supplied

Research shows post-traumatic stress disorder occurs in approximately 9-10 percent of traumatically injured adults, while major depression occurs in approximately 15 percent.

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is raising funds for its Tax Appeal to support research projects that seek to decrease the impact of PTSD and depression to improve health outcomes for traumatically injured patients, like Mr Lees.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Fundraising Manager Vicki James said $130,000 was needed to deliver these two research projects.

“This world-class research happening right here on the Gold Coast at our hospital will help patients like Alex by working to detect and provide early intervention for PTSD and depression,” Mrs James said.

“We are proud to support our Gold Coast Health staff researchers who are taking mental health seriously and these research projects could provide nation-wide results for traumatically injured patients in all Australian hospitals and even internationally.”

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