Fury as Coles online shopping site goes down

UPDATE @ 6PM: Coles has now fixed a glitch with its online shopping site that left customers unable to place orders with the supermarket giant.

In a statement, Coles says “Coles Online is now back up and running and customers can place orders with delivery slots available from tomorrow afternoon.”

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience as our IT team worked to fix the software issues impacting the site and apologise for any inconvenience caused by the outage.”


EARLIER @ 1.00PM: THOUSANDS of Coles customers claim they’ve been left stranded by the supermarket giant, following an outage on its online shopping site.

The glitch reportedly occurred during “regular maintenance” and has been offline since Sunday, with a notice on the Coles website explaining that their IT “team is working rapidly to get the site back up and running”.

Shoppers are being told to keep an eye on updates via their Facebook page, where customers are venting their outrage.

Many have explained how they have no other option but to shop online, due to being ‘housebound’. While others are desperately waiting for the issue to be fixed in order to run a small business.


The latest update came just before midday on Tuesday, when it was confirmed that “unfortunately the Coles Online website is still experiencing issues”.

The post went on to thank everyone for their “helpful suggestions and patience”.

“We’re working as hard as we can to fix the issue and we’ll provide another update shortly.”

One follower called out all the “whingers”, telling them to get some perspective.

“You know there’s people In Africa that walk 20km a day to fill their bucket of water and walk back to their village with the water on top of their head! Ask a friend or family to get ur groceries at the store if you cannot get to Coles yourself!”