Gabba stadium set for ‘new chapter’ if Queensland wins Olympics bid

The Premier has confirmed that a billion-dollar makeover is on the cards for Brisbane’s Gabba stadium if Queensland is to host the 2032 Olympic games.

The venue is set to be the centrepiece of the event, meaning it would need to be able to host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as athletic events.

Annastacia Palaszczuk posted on social media this morning, confirming that major upgrades are in the works at the moment, which would involve knocking the original stadium down and completely rebuilding it.


“Potential upgrades would increase spectator capacity to around 50,000 and see a new pedestrian plaza built, linking the stadium to the Cross River Rail station,” her post reads.

“To do this, we’ll need the continued support of all levels of government including the Commonwealth.

“Hosting the Games in Queensland is about so much more than a sporting legacy – it will leave an economic legacy of new investment and thousands of jobs for our state.”

The state government is expected to hold meetings with the Prime Minister over the coming weeks, to get the federal government to sign off on a number of things.

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Why not spend the billion on new dams ,new power generation and improving infrastructure generally which would be long term benefits for the population at large.The olympics has been losing its credibility for years and most countries who have hosted have lost money.Not sure I would rely on the labour government to be able to bring a project like this in on time or on budget, they haven’t done so far