Gabi Grecko claims Geoffrey Edelsten was ‘all over’ Celebrity Apprentice star

First he was ‘in love’ with his P.A Kaye Whittaker, and now Gabi Grecko is claiming her estranged husband Geoffrey Edelsten has thing for Esther Anderson.

The 26-year-old has accused the 72-year-old of flirting with the Home And Away actress when they starred together on Celebrity Apprentice.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Gabi said: ‘He was all over her, like a rash.’


Once again the millionaire has defended himself, telling the publication Esther is not his type.

‘[Esther] is a lovely lady and the only contact we had was in the street, in daylight, when we had an arm wrestle, a challenge we were set,’ he said.

‘It was over in ten seconds flat, I have no idea why Gabi would be so upset over that.’

‘She is not my type, she’s far too skinny for me, even if she was braless.’