Gabi Grecko claims husband Geoffrey Edelsten ‘abused’ her

Police are now involved in Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten’s split, with the model claiming the multi-millionaire ‘abused’ her while he was in New York.

The 26-year-old has filed a police report alleging the 72-year-old  ‘pushed’ her and ‘firmly’ twisted her arm on October 5th.

She shared a photo of the alleged police report on her social media account, with comments “Don’t tolerate domestic abuse” and “One of many incidents”.


The Daily Mail reports Geoffrey has vehemently denied the claims, saying there is no evidence to suggest he ever physically harmed his American wife.

Gabi reportedly called the police on October 5, after Geoffrey allegedly became violent at her New York apartment.

Geoffrey however claims that Gabi phoned the NYPD after smashing his phone. He told the Daily Mail she had wanted to speak to Geoffrey’s P.A., Kaye Whittaker, as she believed Geoffrey was in love with her.

‘The police came and saw that no one was hurt so they said no one was arrested but because it was her apartment could I leave, so I left,’ he said.