Galey, Emily Jade & Christo caught off guard by listener stuck on the M1!

Galey, Emily Jade & Christo were taken aback on the breakfast show at 1029 Hot Tomato this morning, when they caught up with a listener stuck on the M1.

The motorway, which is in a usual state of chaos between 7.00am and 9.00am, was worsened by a couple of nasty crashes, meaning traffic was at a total standstill.

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Gold Coasters were calling in to Galey, Emily Jade & Christo on 1029 Hot Tomato to give their accounts of the chaos.

But no one was expecting one listener to wind down their window and ask her traffic-jam neighbor if she could ‘see your poo mate?’

Here’s how the comedy unfolded this morning:

Listener: “I need a Galey to the Rescue! I’ve got no coffee, no toilet. I’ve got people tooting me – we’re in a traffic jam!

“Like seriously. What is wrong with people? Don’t be laughing at me, I would lick fondant right about now,” Beedo said, referring to an earlier conversation about Christo’s inability to eat fondant.

Emily Jade: “We need to drone some of this fondant out that Christo doesn’t want to eat.”

Listener: “No seriously, there’s this gardener – I’m going to get his green waste and pee in it. What do people do when they’re stuck in a traffic jam?

“You can’t even get out and have a chat. I’ve had the window down like ‘where are you heading budding?’.

Emily Jade: “So what you’re telling me is is that it’s so stuck that you could wind down your window and talk to the person next to you?”

“Just do it now – wind your window down right now and holla to the next person!”

Listener: “Mate – MATE!? Where are you heading? We’re not going anywhere mate.”

“I’m listening to Hot Tomato – they want to know how you’re feeling. Yeah, no, he’s alright.

“Have you got a coffee? Have you got a bottle of water. Oh you’ve got a little poo on top of your dash!”

“A little poo idol! Can I look at your poo mate?!”

Christo: “That’s not a sentence you should be asking people!”

Listener: “Just letting you know it’s really bad out here guys.”

Emily Jade: “Oh my god, when she said what’s on his dash I thought ‘god the traffic jam’s that bad?'”

Listen to the full conversation below!

Just goes to show Gold Coast, Galey, Emily Jade & Christo have your back while you’re stuck in traffic! Keep it tuned to 1029 Hot Tomato.

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Related article: M1 lanes blocked, traffic gridlock after serious crash