Game of Bones to help rehome 200 Cats & Dogs this week

With more than 800 cats and 300 dogs currently needing homes, the Animal Welfare League QLD has turned to Game of Thrones to help.

Game of Bones is a play on the hugely popular TV series and the charity hopes there will be huge competition between cat and dog rehoming staff to see which side can find the perfect homes for their pets.

AWLQ spokesperson Brooke Whitney says the promotion was needed due to the ‘kitten tsunami’ experienced due to the extended warmer weather resulting in cats breeding for longer time periods.


“In just one weekend we can have over 40 cats with litters arrive on just one shelters doorstep with nowhere else to go. Our staff and our resources are under huge pressure to help every incoming animal so we need to rehome the available animals just as quickly as they come in to make space,” Ms Whitney says.

Dogs and puppies adoption fees will be $50 and cats and kittens will be just $20. All animals are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked.

It costs the AWLQ $500 to make an animal available for adoption but with so many companion pets waiting for space at the shelter the AWLQ are happy to incur the loss of funds in order to save lives.

“We pride ourselves in being the experts in rehoming and finding a way to help animals when traditional methods aren’t working. Our goal is to rehome a minimum of 200 animals over the four days. A goal will only be achievable if we can get the support of the community,” Ms Whitney says.

AWLQ are asking the community to visit their closest rehoming centre during the campaign to adopt, foster or donate to an animal in need.

“Even if you can’t adopt there are still plenty of ways to help out. Donate blankets or goods for our op shops, Foster a pet in need or encourage a friend to adopt,” Ms Whitney says.

To view animals available for adoption or two find your closest rehoming centre log on to

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