Game on! Queensland set to formally bid for 2032 Olympics

Queensland is set to launch a formal bid to host the 2032 Olympics after State Cabinet gave it the green light today.

The State Government had been considering a tilt at the event after the International Olympic Committee made changes to the bidding process.

That includes the IOC tipping in $2.5 billion to the winning city to help host the Games.


The decision by State Cabinet to take a Queensland bid to the next level comes after modelling showed the Games would provide a massive economic boost to the State.

The Games are expected to create an additional 129,000 jobs in construction, retail and tourism.

It would also pump a whopping $10 billion into the economy.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says an Olympics would mean a lot to this State.

“First of all its pride in our state, it tells the rest of the world that we’re firmly on the map, but also to the legacy benefits it would give for generations to come,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

If successful, the Queensland Olympics would be held from July 23, 2032 to August 8.

It is expected to centre around Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with events to also be held in Townsville, Cairns and the Whitsundays.

The Premier has flagged using some of the venues from last year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast for the 2032 Olympics, including the Coomera Indoor Sports Complex for gymnastics.

“That is now used full time for the local community and there would be opportunities like this right across the south-east.”

The Gold Coast would also be a front runner to host surfing and beach volleyball events.

Ms Palaszczuk says Queensland has proven it can host big sporting events.

“Queensland hosted, I believe, the most successful Commonwealth Games ever held.”

The Gabba has been suggested as a potential venue to host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

“We believe that we could put on quite a show at the Gabba in terms of activating the length and the breadth of the river, by having television screens and people from right across Queensland and around the world coming to watch the opening ceremony.”

Two options are also being looked at for athletics events including a revamped QE2 Stadium, or a new facility at Albion.

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So Queensland, this is what your state government thinks of you.

That you can be easily distracted by a lame decoy such as an Olympics bid.

Dissenters must be quiet because think of all the infrastructure we will get.

In mature states like NSW and Vic and WA, they don’t need excuses like Olympic bids to build infrastructure. They simply provide infrastructure as required.

Head south, cross the border to NSW and you immediately notice new roads, hospitals, refurbished schools, police, fire, ambulance, prisons, sporting fields, community centres; all facets of life are being catered for.

Queensland is Australia’s poor cousin, $90 billion in debt and a government and opposition without vision and drive,; simply exist, be a small target, avoid scrutiny and hang onto your jobs.

Olympics, like Comm Games bids are nothing but decoys from the harsh reality of a lack of planning, infrastructure and lack of a good balance sheet.

Your state government thinks you’ll be easily fooled into following the Olympic bid and forgive the government for all their ongoing sins in all other operations.

Don’t be third time unlucky, you kept Joh in across three decades and now Labor for 25 out of 30 years, demand more and demand not be distracted by wasteful Olympic bid decoy tactics.