Games bosses say time to ‘move on’ from ceremony fiasco

Commonwealth Games bosses say it’s time to move on from the fiasco of the Closing Ceremony and remember all the great things during the entire event.

It comes as GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie and CEO Mark Peters toured the Games Operation Centre for the final time, thanking GOLDOC staff for all their hard work.

Both Mr Beattie and Mr Peters fought back tears as they paid tribute to staff for helping to deliver an outstanding Commonwealth Games.


“The emotion is basically around how good those people are, I just cannot express enough gratitude to those people,” Mr Beattie said.

But the controversy of Sunday night’s Closing Ceremony continues to overshadow the entire event, amid revelations the company contracted to produce the ceremonies was paid $46 million.

Mr Beattie says Jack Morton Worldwide was actually paid $33 million for both ceremonies and another $13 million to produce Festival 2018.

“Jack Morton doesn’t get a lot out of this, you’ve got to remember all the costs that go into lighting and production, these are incredibly expensive,” Mr Beattie told reporters.

“This is was less money than was spent in Melbourne, it’s less money than was spent in Glasgow.”

Mr Beattie has refused to weigh into who ticked off on Sunday night’s ceremony which saw the athletes brought out into Carrara Stadium before the event got underway, but he continues to wear the blame.

“At the end of the day there has to be someone responsible and I’m Chairman of the organising committee and I accept full responsibility.”

But he said it’s now time to move on.

“I just hope now we can focus on the positives, I mean I know there’s always debate about what happened at the closing ceremony but I don’t want that to overshadow the fact that these games did Australia proud, they did Queensland proud, they did the Gold Coast proud.”