Games come to a close at Carrara Stadium

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is officially over, with the event coming to a close at Carrara Stadium on Sunday night.

Some of Australia’s finest performers took to the stage at the closing ceremony, including Guy Sebastian, The Veronica’s, Amy Shark, Dami Im, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Anthony Callea to name a few.

Usain Bolt surprised both athletes and spectators by showing off his DJ skills during one of the numbers, and everyone’s favourite mascot Borobi was also featured.


Some talented local kids got in on the action too, with 13-year-old Max Deffenti the official announcer for the ceremony, young dancers the Brat Pack Tappers, and 13-year-old Luke Harrison singing during the flag handover.

Birmingham showed what they will have to offer in 2022, with a performance of music, film, poetry and dance both at Carrara Stadium and live in Birmingham.

Unlike previous years, the athletes entry into the stadium was not featured during the ceremony itself, with teams entering prior to the start of the show.

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Absolutely disgraceful… From the very start to the very end, I have to say that this is almost certainly THE WORST Closing Ceremony in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

Not only did the “host broadcaster” (i.e. Channel 7) refuse to show the athletes entering the stadium, but the opening performances were confusing and seemingly random… Further to this, the overwhelming majority of performers were “second rate” artists that are unknown to many Australians – let alone those overseas.

The one highlight from that start of the Closing Ceremony was our golden girl Ricki-Lee, and the surprise appearance of Yothu Yindi – both had minimal time on-screen, however…

The appearance of “Captain Jack Sparrow’s mother” brought five minutes of laughs to the Closing Ceremony, before the whole charade became even worse… What was going on with that Birmingham video? If I was high, I don’t think it’d be as “interesting” as that – and I don’t meant that in a good way!

Then there’s that concert at the end… Completely s**ist – you don’t promote equality with inequality – and the poor performances were topped-off by the fact that 99% of the artists were so-called “nobodies” or artists waaay overdue for retirement.

The Closing Ceremony is supposed to be about celebrating the accomplishments of the athletes, not about seeing how much money you can waste on absolute rubbish, and there simply is not a single thing GOLDOC got right last night… As for Peter Beattie’s half-hearted apology, well it wasn’t worth the effort it took to type it out.

The Opening Ceremony wasn’t as bad as people make out (though it wasn’t exactly spectacular, either)… But last night was appalling and as a local, I am ashamed that we broadcast something of such a poor standard to the world.

Meanwhile, the American company behind the Opening/Closing Ceremonies is laughing all the way to the bank…

Do they speak English in Birmingham? Not too sure after hearing parts of their presentation last night.