The Gangs of Robina Town Centre?

Robina Town Centre is my ‘local’. I do enjoy ducking over to Pacific Fair for a cheeky lunch date in their trendy new dining area, but when I need groceries, or fresh bread, or emergency last-minute craft supplies for my daugher’s school project that we forgot about, I’m off to RTC.

So I was pretty disturbed to hear about the ‘gangs’ of teenagers – gangs I tell you! – that are apparently hanging around and making a nuisance at my local shopping emporium.

A mum-of-two said that over the weekend, she was cruising into the David Jones carpark when “youths stepped on the road in front of her”.


The pair of young trouble-makers then “set upon her and her sister, banging on the windows of the Mercedes Benz”, The Gold Coast Bulletin breathlessly reports.

She responded in the way that many Aussies can relate to – she gave them a one-finger solute and carried on her merry way – but the young guys followed her to her car.

It’s not clear what their intention was. Did they plan to actually attack her or cause any harm if she got out of the car, or were they just trying to wind her up?

Either way, she didn’t feel safe enough to stick around, so she took off.

“As I drove out they came out… picked up a rock or something and came to throw it at my car and I drove off,” she wrote on Facebook, in a post that has been shared thousands of times.

She also said a staff member from David Jones shared that “there had been a lot of trouble lately with gangs hanging out there.”

I’m at Robina Town Centre at least three times a week. I often see the clusters of over-styled teenage girls flirting with the too-cool, angsty teenage boys.

They’re often smoking near the water, or huddled in front of the promenade, perhaps planning their five-finger-discount shopping spree.

They’re teenagers doing silly teenage things – but gangs in the true sense of the word, they are not.

And here’s the reality of the situation: if they keep pulling this stupid prank and walking in front of cars to cause trouble, they’ll eventually reap the ultimate consequence.