Gastro bug sweeping through the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are being warned of a bit of a gastro outbreak sweeping through the city.

Public Health has reported an increased number of people have been presenting to emergency departments with symptoms lately.

It’s understood to be the Norovirus Gastroenteritis, which is highly infectious.


Five aged care facilities on the Gold Coast have reported outbreaks as well.

Anyone who comes down with symptoms is being urged to properly wash their hands with soap and water, and not to rely on sanitisers.

Those who fall ill are also being reminded to stay at home for 48 hours after the symptoms finish, as the virus is still shedding.

Doctor Andre Wattiaux from Gold Coast Public Health has told the ABC that the outbreak is pretty bizarre for this time of year.

“Usually these outbreaks happen in the summer or inter-seasonally, it’s unusual to have this many cases in the winter,” he said.

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Typical, i still see people coming out of toilets and walk straight out not washing their hands. Grubs!

I work at one of the largest shopping centres on the gold coast, the amount of times I see ladies never wash their hands and i know what they just did in there, just walk right on out when they are done, i refuse to eat at one of their restaurants in the food court or get my nails done where I have seen every single staff member not wash their hands.