Gathering, school and work restrictions adjusted ahead of NSW ‘freedom day’

The new NSW Premier has announced a raft of changes to the state’s roadmap for easing restrictions.

‘Freedom Day’ will still occur on Monday, October 11, under the plan set by the former Premier.

That’s after New South Wales officially ticked over the 70 per cent double vaccination rate yesterday.


However, there will be some slight tweaks to the reopening, including swimming pools reopening on Monday for rehab, children’s lessons and lap swimming.

Home visitation limits will be doubled to 10 people and outdoor gatherings are being increased to 30 people as well.

Wedding and funeral limits will double from 50 to 100 people from Monday.

“We know that this has been a very difficult time for many people who have lost their loved ones,” Premier Dominic Perrottet said.

“This is some of the most important moments in someone’s life farewelling someone they’re close to.”

On schools, the three-tiered system will be brought forward, meaning all schools will be able to return by the 25th of October.

So stage one will be the 18th of October and we’ll be moving the period from November into the 25th of October. 

“So all school children will return to school by 25 October. That’s great for kids. It’s a major relief for parents and their sanity and I think this is an important decision today and I want to thank all the teachers who are there getting vaccinated to ensure that we can open our schools as safely as possible,” Mr Perrottet said.

Once the state reached 80 per cent vaccination rates, which is expected to happen before the end of October, the mask requirement will be removed for office spaces.

The cap on major outdoor events will remain at 5,000, but the government is committed to granting exemptions to venues if they have covid safe plans.

Outdoor gatherings and home visitation limits will be increased again too.

A full updated roadmap is expected to be released shortly.

For regional areas, workers are being granted a small grace period if they haven’t yet been fully vaccinated.

Those who’ve received one dose of the vaccine by Monday, October 11 will be allowed to return to work but must receive their second dose by November 1.

This is acknowledging the lesser supply of vaccines to some regional areas outside of Sydney.