Gayle to Gold Coast for BBL06

A world sporting megastar playing right here on the Gold Coast!

I’m just so excited I can hardly believe it.

For those out of the loop, the campaign to deliver sporting success to the premiership-starved franchise graveyard that is the Gold Coast was given a massive injection of hope this week after one of the world’s biggest sporting superstars became available to play right here on the glitter strip!


Now before you get TOO excited let me confirm that alas this landmark signing has nothing to do with the Suns nor the Titans.

Then what team can it be you ask?

…why none other than the (yet to be created or approved) Gold Coast Gammy Sharks!

(woohoo, yeeeeeh, Gammy’s Gammy’s)

And the player?

Chris. Henry. Gayle.

That’s right after decades of watching teams slowly die here on the coast 2016 looms as the year of hope and redemption for the success-starved Gold Coast.

Think about it, an international megastar jilted by his experience in the ridiculous sporting media circus that is Melbourne travels to the laid back Gold Coast where he drinks, parties and nonchalantly smashes his way to premiership success.

The script writes itself.

Not only would Gayle be perfect for us, we would be perfect for him.

Look at all the rubbish Greg Bird has served up over the past 4 seasons and he is STILL in the frame to be the Titans captain – if anything Gayle would need to seriously look at upping his misbehaviour just to earn the armband.

Now before we all get too carried away I should probably mention that while the excellence of this idea is not in question it is, at this point in time, just an idea.

There is no BBL franchise planned for the Gold Coast in 2016.


So just in case there is a consortium of wealthy Gold Coast business folk reading this, I have quarterbacked a brilliant little three point plan below to help keep you focused on what matters most which is delivering (finally!) some small semblance of sporting success to the coast…

Here goes.

Step 1: Secure a BBL Franchise on the Gold Coast, call it the Gammy Sharks and mandate that when the team dismisses opposition batsman they (along with the crowd) send them off with a collective ‘nom nom nom nom’.

Step 3: Collect BBL06 Championship

See, I don’t know how I could make it any more foolproof!

The true genius of my plan lies in my ability to, unlike the Underpants Gnomes of South park fame, ensure an absolutely foolproof second step.

Step 2: Buy. Chris. Gayle!

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