GC BEACHES CLOSED: Lifeguard keep beaches closed as shark nets wash ashore

All Gold Coast beaches will remain closed today as massive swells continue to pound our shorelines.

Lifeguards say while the rain and wind may be easing across the Coast, conditions in the ocean aren’t expected to die down until late this afternoon.

“Beaches are closed again today,” Acting Chief Lifeguard Chris Maynard told MyGC.com.au.


“Due to the strong 3-4m swell that we are getting from the east, it’s making conditions really hazardous across the coast.

“Obviously for the experienced surfers.. there are a few guys and girls risking the conditions down the southern end of the Coast. But for swimmers and other people using the using the beaches are closed.

“We’re advising inexperience surfers do not attempt to go out in conditions like this because it is quite dangerous and only for the experienced.”

Lifeguards are also asking for anyone who may decide to take a walk along the beach later on to be careful.

“With conditions like this, because it’s got so much power from the east, you can be swept off your feet quite easily,” Mr Maynard said.

“It’s important to stay clear of the water’s edge.”

The powerful swell has also caused another issue at the beaches, with some of the shark nets washing up on the shoreline.

Fisheries Queensland Shark Control Program Manager Jeff Krause said the shark net at Mermaid Beach is adrift in the surf zone and could pose a risk to kite surfers, board riders and swimmers.

“The Mermaid Beach net opposite beach tower number 26 near Hedges Avenue is loose but still has floats attached and is visible,” Mr Krause said.

“Surf lifesavers and Council lifeguards are monitoring the net which can’t be retrieved as the surf is too rough and conditions still too dangerous.

“We are constantly monitoring the weather conditions so that the net can be retrieved as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

Mr Krause said the shark net at Main Beach has also washed ashore and a drumline is missing.

“People using Mermaid Beach and Main Beach need to be aware that shark control equipment is not in place and they should take advice from lifesavers as to whether they should go into the water in rough conditions.

“It could be Thursday before the weather is suitable for the shark control equipment to be fully restored on the Gold Coast.”

If people see any loose shark control equipment including ropes, netting or buoys, they should call the Shark Control Program Hotline on 1800 806 891.