GC BUDGET: List of Gold Coast roads set for major upgrades

Dozens of roads across the city are in for major upgrades, with Council today announcing a record spend on infrastructure in the 2021-22 city budget.

An “unprecedented” $331.750 million is being invested to improve the Gold Coast’s congested road network after locals deemed it as one of their main concerns.

“Our recent City Budget community survey listed transport as a key priority for residents … and we have listened and responded with a record investment,” Mayor Tom Tate said.


“$331 million is almost 20 percent of our $1.83 billion annual budget.

“I applaud councillors for approving this investment which runs from the north of our city to the southern border.”

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates said more than half the spending on roads, $194.617 million, will be on major capital works projects.

“The big projects, the Bermuda to Talledbudgera connection road, that comes in at $72 million over the next four years,” Cr Gates said.

“We’ve got $24 million over the next four years for the western service road to the M1 to create a continuous western road other than the M1 for passage between Upper Coomera and Ormeau, that’s a big one for that area.

“Yawalpah Road too, I think many people are focused on the way that it has been constructed, but there’s another $23 million over four years to improve Yawalpah Road and bridgeworks associated with that upgrade in Pimpama.”

Cr Gates said there’s a lot of other “smaller road network improvements” for the northern Gold Coast as well, including Goldmine Road at Ormeau.

“We’re also getting traffic signals on the eastern service road at Lahrs Road to have better flows in that area, and of course, more cycleways and improved entry and exit ramps on our local road network.”

Council has also committed to a five-year trial for more frequent bus services in the north, dependant on the State Government matching the funds 50/50.

“A strong sentiment from the survey was residents wanting more frequent and reliable public transport and while this is a State Government obligation, we have committed to a five-year trial,” the Mayor said.

Light Rail Stage 3 to Burleigh will also receive a $11 million boost from Council this financial year, who will commit $92 million for the entire project.

While $1.3 million has been put aside to ensure seniors and veterans can continue to travel for free on the city’s public transport network.

Other infrastructure highlights of the 2021-22 city budget include:

• $26.5m – further construction of Isle of Capri bridge;
• $25.1m – continued road rehabilitation and reseal program across the city;
• $17.3m – routine maintenance of the City’s road pavements across 3200km of roads;
• $9.5m – road reconstruction program to renew roads at the end of their useful lives;
• $9.1m – city bridge renewal and maintenance;
• $6.4m – new road bridge at Kerkin North Road Pimpama;
• $6.2m – Computer/Pearson Road intersection upgrade;
• $30m – construct essential transport infrastructure including new and upgraded key roads and intersections;
• $6.4m to maintain, renew and upgrade traffic signals
• $3.9m – complete expansion of Sundale Bridge to five lanes and a capacity upgrade at the Waterways Drive/Gold Coast Highway intersection
• $2.5m upgrading bus stops

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$2.5 million for bus stops. $1 billion for a fixed line tram system. There’s some logic.

No plans to fix the robina town centre bottleneck. How disgusting, Tom Tate your a flog. Think about spending big dollars on your voice you fool!

Strangely enough you cannot see what the Councils total income is?
Shows all the WOW spending but where is the rest going.
Also the biggest revenue source is the basic water charges and fees, rates come in second.
When water costs more for residents than electricity you know we are getting done over.