GC Comm Games mascot Borobi made an honorary lifeguard

City of Gold Coast’s professional lifeguard service welcomed a brand new recruit today and let’s just say he’s not your ordinary lifeguard…

GC2018 mascot Borobi was appointed an honorary lifeguard by Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate who also shares the honour.

The surfing koala will help put a spotlight on critical surf safety messages during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


“Our beaches are going to be busier than you think. We have already increased our lifeguard numbers by 20 per cent for GC2018 and having Borobi on board to spread the message about surf safety will help us reach the widest possible audience,” Mayor Tate said.

“We will have people from all over the world in our city. Many won’t be familiar with our surf conditions or the safest places to enter the water.  Borobi is a friendly, fun way of getting that message out.”


Mayor Tate, GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters and Chief Lifeguard Warren Young ran Borobi through a few safety drills and taught him the important task of putting the red and yellow flags in the ground at Surfers Paradise beach today.

“GC2018 is only 63 days away and with an enormous number of extra people coming to town from all over the world, Borobi is very keen to ensure that everyone has a safe beach experience,” Mr Peters said.

“Borobi will also feature on the iconic yellow lifeguard towers dotted along the coastline, reminding everyone to swim between the flags.’’