GC community to gather to turn on new Chinatown lanterns

Gold Coasters will gather in Southport this afternoon as the new China town lanterns are switched on for the first time.

Mayor Tom Tate will be joined by Dr. Zhao Yongchen the Consul-General of China in Brisbane and Division 6 Councillor Dawn Crichlow OAM to turn on the lanterns for the first time.

The celebration will include traditional Chinese music, ribbon and lion dancing.


The Chinatown lanterns and projection imagery draw inspiration from traditional and contemporary Chinese design and culture, and are uniquely Gold Coast.

The lanterns reflect the Gold Coast Chinatown Feng Shui colours: Red – Wealth, Gold – Double Happiness, Blue – Harmony and Green – Harvest. The patterns on the lanterns are inspired by fireworks, the explosive sequences of light and colour that originated in China.

In conjunction with UAP’s China and Australia offices, the lanterns are designed by artist Belinda Smith, and the projection artwork imagery is a collaboration between artists Belinda Smith and Alexander Adam with photography by Jamie Perrow.