Music buffs wanted for city’s new ‘Music Advisory Group’

Calling all music industry buffs!

Council has today announced that they’re looking for a group of eight talented locals to join a new Music Advisory Group, which has been established to help boost live music on the Gold Coast.

Mayor Tom Tate is calling on the best the industry has to offer, with nominations officially open from today until 19 September.


The Mayor said the aim of the newly-established Music Advisory Group is to “positively impact the music sector on the Coast by providing investment, access to resources and strong partnerships across government, peak bodies and private enterprise.”

“The Advisory Group will have a big job. They will need to have their finger on the pulse about live music trends, galvanise industry support and connect the city’s artists and music businesses with national opportunities,” Mayor Tate said.

The announcement comes after the Gold Coast showcased some of its best talent at BIGSOUND in Brisbane this week, the largest music conference in the southern hemisphere.

“The pool of talent coming out of the Gold Coast is on par with any other Australian City,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

“The Gold Coast Music Action Plan 2021 has already assisted more than 400 local music industry professionals since it was launched in March. This is an outstanding result.”

The Mayor also revealed that the city would be happy to contribute to building a boutique, 10,000 seat stadium on the Coast, if the State Government was willing to go halves in the project.

“If the Queensland Government are keen on the stadium, I would say put out your hand. It’s a deal. We will go 50/50,” he said.

“I’d love to see Pink come to the Gold Coast, I’d never hide away from that!” the Mayor joked.

“I understand Ed Sheeran jams in small areas, I’d love to see him just pop up in one of our outdoor locals, surprise people from behind the curtains”.

For information on how to nominate for the Music Advisory Group, click here.