GC Council puts pressure on State Government for “M2”

Acting Gold Coast Mayor, Donna Gates,  says she’s “sick and tired” of the State Government’s lack of commitment to improving traffic on the M1.

During the Queensland State Election Campaign, both Labor and the LNP promised to provide enhancements to the stretch of road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

With Labor likely to be announced as the majority government within the next few days, Cr. Gates said she wants the project started soon.


“We’re sick and tired of there being no decision about planning for the second North to South connector,” she said.

“Everyday the current M1 is smashed (with traffic) at some point.”

The Acting Mayor is also proposing the State and Federal Government pay a quarter of the cost for a new highway, with the private sector picking up the rest of the tab.

She says the Gold Coast Council would be happy to start planning the new stretch of road.

“This needs to be addressed if it needs the Council to provide the designs of the Motorway to get the ball rolling, then so be it,” she said.