GC Council to splash cash on roads in 2018/19 budget

The Gold Coast City Council is planning to spend almost 10 per cent of their 2018-19 budget on repairing roads and improving infrastructure.

After heavy demand from motorists, the Council will invest $110 million to improve conditions across the Coast.

This will be the largest project undertaken in the 18/19 budget, which will be annouced on June 21.


The total funds allocated in the coming budget is expected to be $1.4 billion.

Mayor Tom Tate said the Gold Coast’s call for road improvements were “overwhelming”.

“We can only play our part as a lot of the concern is around the M1, and major M1 interchanges,” he said.

“That is a fight the state and federal governments are having and I know people are fed up with it.

There won’t be any funding for the Stage 3 Light Rail expansion in this budget, but the Mayor says those costs are already covered.

“We’ve already put in five million to do the business case study with the state government,” he said.

“If the state government wants to accelerate that, we’ve got money in our strategic reserve funds so we can match them.”