GC Councillor’s Facebook status ignites locals

Gold Coast locals have gone to town on a local Councillor’s Facebook page this week, after he posted a ‘fill-the-blank’ status for what the Gold Coast needs.

Division 2 Councillor, William Owen-Jones, posted a simple status ‘What the Gold Coast really needs is……………..’, back on February 10.

The responses have been… hilarious, to say the least.


Hundreds of locals have commented on the post over the course of the week, demanding pretty unachievable requests.

A shirt factory, a 24-hour Kmart, and a new Mayor are just some of the comments so far, as well as a number of people who’ve just commented ‘me’.

Though many locals have chosen to take the status seriously, filling the blank with more realistic responses like public toilets in all parks, sunscreen stations at all beaches, and air conditioning in schools.

Councillor William Owen-Jones has already addressed a number of comments, particularly the requests for a new Mayor or new council…

“Here is a generic response to all who have been kind enough to answer “new council / new Mayor / new representatives etc”…

“Firstly, it’s social media, so can we all continue to be friendly with the comments. ?


“Your request for change are well above my pay grade…

“Council elections are held every four years, and elected representatives are voted in by around 340,000 residents who are on the roll (around 25,000 per “division”).

“I would encourage anyone who likes reading (a lot), people, making (un)popular decisions, community and doesn’t mind answering social media on a Sunday morning to nominate and run for public office.

“It’s not for everyone, or anyone with a glass jaw or who is fainthearted,” he said in a comment.

Councillor Owen-Jones has also replied individually to many of the comments, though there might be a few too many to reply to now…

Check out the status for yourself, and have your say!