GC Dads Out of MKR

GOLD Coast dads Paul and Blair have bowed out of the My Kitchen Rules competition, going down by just one point to West Australian team Chloe and Kelly last night in the semi-final.

The pair say that while they’re disappointed in last night’s result, they’re happy they could achieve so much.

“When you lose something you’re never going to be happy as you look back at things you could have done differently, but we’re proud of our achievements over the whole show,” Paul said.


“They beat us because they cooked just a little bit better than us.”

Blair said they decided to take a risk when they paired a chocolate ganache with kangaroo fillets and baby beets in their main.

And while judge Many Feildel said the combination worked for him, judged Guy Grossi and Pete Evans said the ganache should have been left off the plate.

“We were told many times over you have to step it up and challenge yourselves, so this was quite a step outside our normal zone,” Blair said.

“Everyone’s got different tastes. There’s always that risk element when you put food on a plate that some people are not going to like it.”

The guys say they’re now backing twins Helena and Vicki to win the competition when they battle it out in tonight’s semi-final.