GC facing “severe heatwave” from Thursday

The Gold Coast is in for several days of scorching weather, with temps predicted to hit the mid to high 30’s between tomorrow and the middle of next week.

The weather bureau’s Michelle Berry said it’ll be hot tomorrow,  but temperatures will peak on Friday when the mercury could hit 36 or 37 degrees.

“On the Coast itself we should see temperatures well and truly over 30 degrees over the next few days and Friday should be the peak,” she said.


“We’re looking at the mid 30’s in some stretches of the Gold Coast, especially those areas that aren’t quite as exposed so Coolangatta for instance should be about 32 degrees.

“Further north might get to about 33, 34 degrees and further inland over the hinterland we may ever see some areas getting up over 36, 37 degrees.”

Ms Berry said temperatures into the middle of next week are likely to be at least 3 to 6 degrees above the December average, peaking on Friday and remaining warm until Tuesday or Wednesday.

“We’re calling it quite a severe heatwave through some stretches of the southeast.

“We’re not really looking at record-breaking temperatures day by day, it’s just the actual period of the hot weather, the fact that we’re going to have at least five days of considerably hotter-than-average temperatures for December.

“So while you may not see many records toppling it will be quite a hot spell for this time of year.”

And with high humidity and thunderstorms forecast it could feel a lot hotter than it really is.

Allan Gillespie from the Rural Fire Service says they’ll be keeping a careful watch on the hinterland and valley areas of the Coast.

“Those are the areas that have high fuel loads, high population densities in an urban-rural interface, but our brigades are very well equipped on the Gold Coast.

“They are very well trained and on a very high state of operational preparedness so in the event that something does happen we’ll be able to react to that extremely quickly.”