GC family facing toughest year yet needs your help

A Gold Coast family facing unimaginable tragedy are reaching out to the community for support.

Mum Vicki has been diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to her spine and liver. Tragically, her husband Peter who had been battling pancreatic cancer which spread to his spine & liver lost his fight for life on Thursday night.

Vicki now has her two sons Pete and Tom by her side as she continues her cancer battle.


In a bid to raise funds, Reece Mcclelland, a close friend of the family, has created a go fund me account for the Brown family.

On 2 November, Reece wrote on the page: “After being happily married for 26 years the Brown family face their toughest year yet… Today mum Vicki goes in for a double mastectomy & to have her ovaries & tubes removed & will require after surgery care.

“Anyone who knows this family knows they won’t ask for help so we are asking for them. All we want is for them to not worry about bills & spend the time they have together.”

The page was created on Monday, before Peter’s tragic passing, and has so far raised a total of $7,560.

On Wednesday Reece wrote: “Thank you to everyone who has donated, this money will go towards some of the medical costs. Keep digging deep & sharing with your friends & family the more we can help the better.”

Since news of Peter’s passing overnight, many have taken to social media to express their condolences.

One friend wrote: “May the love of your boys and your family help you find the strength to get through this terrible time. Please know you have a wall of support around you at all times, don’t be afraid to lean on this wall at any time your friends and family will always be there.”

To support the Brown family through this heartbreaking time, you can donate HERE.