GC Light Rail consultations in doubt after protestors get violent with staff

The Mayor says he won’t hesitate to get rid of face to face consultations for the light rail expansion down to Coolangatta, over reports staff are copping abuse.

It’s understood that light-rail protesters have been attending community sessions and becoming verbally abusive towards council staff.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says it’s just not on.


“The officers down there are doing their job – they’re out there to ask and to make a solution a better solution.

“They’re there to help you, not to be abused by you,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

“If anything, those actions of being abusive really hardens the public’s opinion about anti-light-rail people.”

It could mean an early end for the consultation sessions, which are due to run through to mid-September at this stage.

Mayor Tom Tate says he won’t let them continue if it puts staff safety at risk.

“If they’re going to go physical and being harmful to officers, consultation – we’ll let them zoom in,” Mr Tate said.