GC locals urged to be careful around rivers and creeks ahead of more rain

Royal Life Saving Queensland is reminding Gold Coasters to be cautious around rivers and creeks with rain forecast for the rest of the week.

Executive Director of Royal Life Saving Queensland, Michael Darben, said everyone needs to be careful around waterways.

“It’s important when storms and other major weather events occur we stay away from them, and we bunker down for the night and try not drive around during the storm,” he told MyGC.


However, the risks don’t end when the storm clears.

After an influx of rainfall, rivers and creeks can host a whole new set of dangers.

“People often want to go out and check what’s happened (after a storm), but there can easily be lots of snags, rocks and tree branches under the surface that can pose a risk to people,” he said.

A recent study showed in Queensland, 318 people have drowned in rivers, creeks and streams during the last 15 years, with 78 per cent of them males.

“They’ll attempt to do things that are just that little bit more dangerous, they want to show a little bit more bravado in front of their mates,” Mr Darben said.