GC Mayor says they “blocked a bullet” when it comes to protecting beaches from wild weather

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says Council’s decision to create man-made sandbanks played a major role in protecting the shoreline against recent wild weather.

Over the weekend the Coast was battered by large swells created by ex-tropical Cyclone Gita with only minor scarping on beaches from Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach.

Gold Coast Council will spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage, but say this cost is minimal compared to what it could have been.


“We’ve had the biggest swell we’ve seen in the last two years… Swell has even gone up to 7.5 metres,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

“People say we’ve dodged a bullet, we’ve actually blocked a bullet.”

Over the past three years, the Council has spent around $20 million dollars in creating offshore sandbanks to protect the beach.

When the dredging was first proposed, Gold Coast surfers hit back at the idea saying it would destroy some of the great natural breaks along the Coast.

However, Mayor Tate said he’s noticed there has been an upside for the surfing community.

“The funny part for me is the surfers are out there enjoying the breaks offshore (caused by the dredging), surfing decongestion has been a good benefit,” he said.

The Mayor added the offshore sand breaks only suffered minor damage from the swell and the sand will be repumped into damaged areas over the next few months.