GC Mayor writes Premier after being left off Olympic board

The Gold Coast Mayor is furious after the city was snubbed from having a say on how the Olympics will be run in 2023.

The Mayor’s missed out on a spot on a 20-person board despite the Gold Coast hosting nine sports and an athletes village.

The local government spot has instead gone to the Redlands Mayor, despite that region only hosting one event.


Newscorp reports that Mayor Tom Tate has now written to the Premier urging her to override the appointment.

“Gold Coast ratepayers will continue to fund the maintenance and upgrade of venues over the next 11 years, so they are in first-class order for an event of the magnitude of the 2032 Games,” the letter reportedly reads.

“I find it incongruous the Gold Coast would not formally command a position on a board of 20 people.

“Residents will quite rightly see this as a slight on our city and a classic case of ‘Brisbane knows what is best for the Gold Coast’.”