GC motorists reminded of simple driving etiquette this Fatality Free Friday

Gold Coast motorists are being reminded to drive to the speed limit, put down the phone, not drive while tired and to pay attention to help make today, Friday 25 May, fatality free.

The annual Fatality Free Friday initiative aims to achieve no road-related deaths for one day in the calendar year.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said that as the Queensland road toll continues to rise, it’s important for drivers to make a conscious effort to drive safely to help reduce the road toll each and every day.


“Unfortunately, we’ve seen 92 fatalities on our roads so far this year, that’s seven more than this time last year,” Ms Ross said.

“Of course, we should always be driving safely on our roads and Fatality Free Friday is a good reminder to everyone about the importance of not speeding, and the need for all drivers to pay attention and drive to the conditions.

“Motorists should also take care not to drive while tired or affected by drugs or alcohol and to avoid distractions – like your mobile phone.”

Ms Ross said the day was also a good reminder about the importance of keeping vulnerable road users, like those working alongside the road, safe.

“Whether it’s someone broken down on the side of the road, an RACQ patrol or Traffic Response Officer, or an emergency services worker helping someone in need, we need to make sure we keep clear of people in vulnerable situations,” she said.

“If you pass an emergency services vehicle on the road or on the side of the road, or a car with its hazard lights on, move over if you can or slow down.

“This helps keep our workers and stranded motorists safe.”