WATCH: GC parking officers to wear body cameras to cut down abuse

The Gold Coast Council’s parking officers will now wear body cameras to stop abuse and make those who break the law accountable for their actions.

The cameras have been trialled for 18-months with their footage used in at least one matter before the courts.

They cost $350 and Mayor Tom Tate says it’s a worthwhile investment.


“Our parking officers are getting assaulted and abused and one way to combat that is the body cameras,” he said.

“18-months ago the number of abuse on our parking officers was 152, now it’s dropped to 31.

“I want our officers to be able to do their job and be able to get home back to their families safely.”

Since coming into office in 2012 the Mayor has added 420 cameras to the City’s CCTV network to try and cut down crime on the Gold Coast.

The Mayor has made a public plea to stop incidents like the one in the video below:

Footage supplied by City of Gold Coast.