GC police still stopping keen surfers at the border, as another checkpoint opens up

Some good news for motorists having to cross the Queensland border, with a fifth checkpoint now up and running.

Drivers can now enter the state via Ducat Street and Miles Street in Coolangatta.

Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman hopes this will help out the traffic situation at the border.


“With the fifth opening now underway that should give the public a little bit more time, or ease the congestion for getting across the border here on the Gold Coast from the Tweed,” Chief Superintendent Wildman said this morning.

Police are also asking regular border crosses to change over their T-passes to the X-pass as soon as they can, to make checkpoints flow a bit quicker.

Each time someone approaches a checkpoint with the old T-pass, officers are taken off duty for a moment to help them through, and that adds to the traffic delays.

Border residents that they can only be crossing the border for essential reasons, such as work, school, grocery shopping or caring for someone.

Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman says they’re still pulling up people trying to cross for other reasons.

“We’ve only had nine turn arounds at the Gold Coast border over the last 24 hours period to 9am this morning,” Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman

“What we’re finding with those turnarounds is that the majority is attempting to enter Queensland with insufficient grounds to do so, so it’s not an essential reason.

“So people are still attempting to get into Queensland to go surfing or to exercise etc, and that is not essential reasoning for coming into Queensland.

“And the other one is that they’ve been outside of the border zone and they’ve been to a hotspot.

“If that’s the case, obviously you’re going to get turned around at the border,” Chief Superintendent Wildman said.