GC school wins $45K playground made from recycled beauty products!

Park Lake State School in Pacific Pines has won Australia’s first ever playground made from recycled beauty products after taking out the top spot in the national Garnier Recycled Playground Competition!

From 9 October to 8 December this year, Garnier and global recycling pioneers TerraCycle ran the competition to encourage preschools and primary schools to collect and recycle empty beauty products of all brands, and raise awareness about waste and recycling.

Park Lake State School managed to recycle 14,700 units of empty beauty products and were crowned the winners of the competition, being awarded with a $45,000 recycled playground made from all the beauty product waste which all schools around Australia collected during the competition period.


“Garnier would like to congratulate the entire Park Lake State School community on their efforts in recycling an amazing 14,700 units of empty beauty products that were otherwise destined for landfill,” Garnier Marketing Manager Jacqui Forman said.

PHOTO: Supplied | TerraCycle Australia & New Zealand

The competition runners-up were Colyton Public School in Mt Druitt, NSW, and Main Arm Upper Primary School in Main Arm, NSW, who won $4,500 worth of prizes between them.

The Garnier Recycled Playground Competition was open to all pre-and primary schools and together, all schools collected a whopping 145,000 units of empty beauty products!

The empty beauty products will now be cleaned, shredded and melted down into hard plastic, which will be remoulded to make the playground.

PHOTO: Supplied | TerraCycle Australia & New Zealand

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